Kawasaki Teyrx 800

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The greatest strength of the Teryx comes from its fantastic versatility. Its off-road and sport capabilities are superbly balanced by class-leading comfort and great utility performance. Add to that excellent durability and quality, and you have a package that meets the demands of a variety of operators and offers more enjoyment than other models in its category. Whether you want to tackle tricky terrain, or just work around the farm the new Teryx is the machine of choice.

Complementing the direct engine feel and quick response inherent with its V-Twin engine character-CVT combination (ideal for hard riding), the new Teryx’s centrifugal clutch is the key to its superior acceleration control at slow and very slow speeds. By eliminating the shock of the CVT belt engaging, the centrifugal clutch facilitates precise throttle control when navigating rock gardens or other tricky terrain. CVT and transmission ratios were selected to offer optimum ride feel while ensuring stable engine braking characteristics. The engine braking offers reassuring support when rolling down steep inclines.

Like the Teryx4, the Teryx features electrically selectable 4WD and front differential lock, allowing riders to quickly and easily switch between drive systems to suit changing terrain and applications. 2WD: offers light steering for maximum sport performance 4WD: offers enhanced traction while keeping steering light 4WD + differential lock: offers maximum traction



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