At both the amateur and professional levels, Kawasaki has long been the dominant brand in mini-motocrossing, with many of today’s top professional riders getting their start on KX minicrossers.

Created to dominate and build for winners, the KX65 and KX85 are competition ready machines designed to encourage the green shoots of youth talent allowing it to blossom into full-blown race wins and champion success. With a high performing engine and race ready suspension, adjustable handlebar positioning and slim bodywork, the KX85 is the bike to beat.

Compared to the previous generation KX85 the 2-stroke racing engine has increased power and torque across the rev range. The gains were so significant that the engine can be considered a completely different unit from its high-revving predecessor. This engine produces nearly 20% more power.

The minimalist bodywork, flat slim fuel tank design and the flat seat were designed to make it easier for racers to go fast. Combined with an ultra-low fuel cap, enables easier body transitioning front the front to the rear of the motorcycle.

A choice of six positions allows riders to fit the bike to their own riding position. Mounting brackets feature 2-position forward-backward adjustment while optional spacers allow 3-positions of height adjustment.

The bodywork and sharp graphics package and numerous factory-style touches contribute to a strong KX family image and warn rivals of the race winning potential housed in all KX motocross models.

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