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Since its debut, the KX65 has established itself as the entry-level machine for young riders who hold aspirations of becoming tomorrow’s MX champions.
The first years in a young rider’s career are marked by the steady acquisition of riding skills.
As one of the top mini-motocrossers in its class, the KX65 provides the potential for early racing success.
With a high-performing, liquid cooled 64cc engine, the KX65 delivers the kind of high-end punch that you’d expect from a green machine, yet also aims to deliver strong low and mid-range performance with a wide, manageable powerband.
Long travel suspension and front and rear disc brakes undoubtedly make the KX65 one of the best equipped bikes in its category; the chassis and engine performance mean the KX65 can be ridden harder and faster by more experienced riders and can also accommodate a wider size and weight range of young racers.

Slick-shifting 6-speed manual transmission features motocross ratios. Needle bearings on the clutch actuating mechanism (release shaft) and a roller at the shift position lever allow quick, smooth shifting and light operation, ideal for those youngsters moving up from clutch-less bikes.

Optional pull rods available to adjust seat height. A 1 mm change to pull rod length results in a 2 mm change to seat height. (Link characteristics also change depending on pull rod length.) Pull rod length fitting effect on seat height 85.3 mm option seat height increased 2.0mm 86.3 mm standard – 87.3 mm option seat height decreased 2.0mm 88.3 mm option seat height decreased 4.0mm

Front and rear disc brakes deliver brilliant braking performance. Both front and rear brakes use lightweight180 mm discs operated by compact, single-piston calipers.


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