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The Vulcan S is not your average cruiser. It stands apart, with its Parallel Twin engine, unique frame and suspension layout, and its very non-traditional looks.

Designed for independent-minded riders, it does not require the rider to conform to any heard-mentality fashion or lifestyle. Special attention paid to ensuring high levels of fit & comfort, and confidence in riding make the new Vulcan an attractive option for new rider and female riders looking for a stylish, accommodating motorcycle. Accessible in all senses of the word, with the Vulcan S riders can come as they are, and just get on and go.
The LAMS approved model is equipped with ABS making it the perfect learner bike.
For 2017 improvements make the Vulcan S even better

Attractive bend of the exhaust pipes and an under-engine muffler arrangement contribute to the Vulcan S’s attractive styling. Dual-wall exhaust pipe design gives the header pipes a fatter appearance for a strong image.

The Vulcan S’s unique fuel injected Parallel Twin engine configuration creates an image very different from the traditional cruiser. Finish on the cylinder head is similar to air-cooled fins, contributing to a tough-looking appearance.

Being able to easily put your feet on the ground when stopped is one of the most important factors in feeling comfortable on a motorcycle. At 705 mm, the Vulcan S’s low seat is very accommodating. (Note; seat height measurment alone does not indicate how easy it is to touch the ground on a motorcycle. The Vulcan S is also narrow in the seat area making it perfect for new or smaller riders while still comfortable for experienced or larger riders.)

Footpeg position is adjustable with three positions available: STD, 25 mm forward, 25 mm back. (*Alternate shift linkage rods, sold separately, are necessary when changing the position from standard.) An accessory handlebar positions the handle grips 44 mm closer to the rider. Accessory reduced-reach seat that positions the rider 53 mm closer to the tank and controls accommodates shorter riders. Accessory comfort seat offers a more spacious seating position for taller/larger riders. Brake and clutch levers can be adjusted to suit the rider’s hand size and preference.

Together with the compact engine and backbone-style rear frame, the frame’s design realises a package that is slim, low, lightweight and compact. > The compact engine allows use of a slim, minimalist frame, resulting in a design that is narrow at the knees and feet. > 3D analysis was used to achieve the ideal stiffness balance for the frame, contributing to the superb handling characteristics.

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