The “Good Times” day is back again on Sunday, November 16th and all are welcome.

Fram Autolite Dragway, Meremere

Kawasaki’s day of fun last year at Meremere was a huge success, with riders of all ages having a go down the drag strip or just watching others and looking at all the bikes. The gates open at 10:30 am and the dragstrip opens at midday. Come join us and have a go.

All riders are welcome and non-Kawasakis pay just $30.00.

Like last year Kawasaki riders get to tear down the strip for free and get times and speeds recorded. You don’t need a big capacity bike, ride what you bring and have a good time.

Kawasaki will have a range of their 2014 and 2015 line-up on display with selected models being available for a road loop demo ride. We’ll be offering some super “on the day deals” at this event. Food and drinks will be on sale.

Naturally there are some rules that apply for the drag strip to make the event safe and fun for everyone.

  • No alcohol. No drugs. No gang patches. No pets. No fireworks. There is a 10km speed limit around all internal roads of the facility including staging lanes and return road.
  • All bikes must have a current WOF and Registration – they will be checked. Race bikes will require the rider to produce their MNZ license and log book.
  • All riders must have a current licence which allows them to ride the bike they are on.
  • If you travel down the strip faster than 10 seconds for the quarter mile, you will need to obtain a Drag Racing Licence and the bike must undergo Tech. inspection.
  • All participants must fill in and sign an entry form. Sign-on is from 11:00 a.m until 1.00 pm. First pass (down the strip) begins at midday
  • Full street riding gear is required including leather or suitable fabric pants and jacket, boots, gloves and helmet.
  • If you are running quicker than 10 seconds, a full one piece leather suit is required.