We only have until 17th June to make submissions on the ACC levies for motorcycles.

The team here at Warkworth Motorcycles feels it is quite important people make submissions and give their feedback on ACC levies for motorcycles.
You can find out what the government is proposing for motorbikes on the ACC consultation page. You can also find out about current ACC levies for motorcycles here.

The ACC Scheme touches the Lives of all New Zealanders – we want you to have a hand in shaping it. We rely on your submissions to tell us whether your business has changed, your activities are different, or how the proposals may impact you.

Government steps for proposed levy changes:

1. Calculate the levies
2. Proposed rates published and levy consultation period begins: 29th May 2014
3. Written submissions received. ACC Board reviews submissions and finalises recommended rates: 29 days – 5:00 pm 17th June 2014
4. Minister reviews and recommends final rates
5. Cabinet finalises levy rates for the coming year
6. Levy regulations come into effect

What are the proposed 2015/16 levies?

  • 21% decrease on the average Work Levy paid by employers and self-employed people* (invoiced directly by ACC)
  • 5% decrease on the Earners’ levy paid by employees (through PAYE) and by self- employed people
  • 40% decrease on the average Motor Vehicle levy paid by motorists (through licensing fees & petrol levy)
    *Self-employed and non-PAYE shareholders also pay the Earners Levy.

The ACC Board is also proposing some other changes we’d like your feedback on:

  • reducing the petrol levy by 4 cents per litre (from 9.90 cents to 5.90 cents)
  • implementing a ‘risk rating’ for the light passenger fleet (cars) based on crash data
  • increasing the minimum and maximum liable earnings limits (for Work and Earners’ levies).

Making a submission is easy:
You can send your feedback with your contact details (including name, address and contact number) on these proposals, or any other aspect of the Scheme, in the followings ways:

  1. by email to: Levyconsultation@acc.co.nz
  2. by post to: Levy Consultation, ACC, P0 Box 242 Wellington, 6140
  3. through their website: www.acc.co.nz/levyconsultation

The deadline for submission is 5:00 pm 17 June 2014

You can get a full copy of these consultation documents by visiting www.acc.co.nz/levyconsultation, or send an email with your request to levyconsultation@acc.co.nz. A copy of the actuarial advice upon which we’ve based our proposals is also available on request. Keep in mind that the Official Information Act 1982 applies to ACC, so your submissions may be available to people seeking information under this Act.